TR1 Kunsthalle

Julkaistu: 6.3.2011

TR1 Kunstalle was an exhibition centre of the visual arts, that was closed on 4th January 2015.

Its exhibition profile focused on the display of visual and media art,
design, applied art and photography. The exhibitions changed at a rapid
pace and were mainly staged by the Tampere Art Museum, the Museum of
Contemporary Art, the Modus association, the Nykyaika Photographic Centre
and the Rupriikki Media Museum.

TR1 is in the so-called Finlayson area in the historic and geographical
centre of the city. Built in 1837, the building is also known as the Old
Factory and Kuusvooninkinen (Six Storeys). The Rupriikki Media Museum
used to operate in connection with TR1, and the Rulla Centre for Children’s Culture
is also in the same building.

Historical industrial estate The Finlayson industrial estate in the heart
of Tampere offers a unique example of 19th century industrialism. It was
the first modern factory in Finland, founded by scotsman James Finlayson.
This cotton mill site grew into a town within a town, with its own church,
school and hospital. It is home to the beautiful, white TR1 factory building,
a model factory upon its construction in 1837, whose restoration was completed
in 2005, when it accommodated the Rupriikki Media Museum on its ground floor.
At the same time, the TR1 Exhibition Centre was opened.

Exhibitions and other activities in TR1 and at the Rupriikki Media Museum

TR1 offered 450 m² of exhibition space, used by private associations as well
as city organisations,Rupriikki Media Museum and Tampere Museum of Contemporary
Art. It seeked to familiarise the public with the world of design, handicrafts,
art photography and video art in particular. Exhibitions were arranged by graphic
workshop Himmelblau, Rupriikki Media Museum, Pirkanmaa Association of Art and Design
(Modus), Tampere Art Museum and Nykyaika Photographic Centre. Space was also available
for rent to other exhibitors. This represented a groundbreaking type of partnership
between city organisations and private exhibitors in Finland. Rupriikki Media museum’s
permanent exhibition presented the history of mass communications, a journey into the
world of the telephone, radio, television, the press and the computer, with the aid
of examples from Tampere.